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Searching for a more sustainable life in the planet requires that everyone plays his role. When it comes to industries, this is even more relevant given the proportion of the impacts that can be generated in all manufacturing steps of a product, from the energy generation needed on productive processes, up to product recycling at the end of its life span.

Sustainability means having a transparent and honest relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and our comunity. For this reason we consider this matter very important, since it expresses the way we do business.

Our commitment is that our customers save energy and optimize their productive processes in a economically viable way, using our products and technologies and that, at the end of their life span, proper disposal is arranged.

First valve industry in Brazil to obtain ISO 14000 certification

Always seeking the improvement and optimization of its methods and processes, SF International has obtained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications. ISO 14001 was achieved in 2008, making SF International the first valve industry in Brazil to obtain such certification.

Supply of products and services to save between 30% and 40% in the use of steam.

For each ton of steam generated by the industry, approximately 154 kg of CO2 is released on the atmosphere. Actions to reduce the waste in the use of steam are mandatory so that the industry meets its goals in preserving the environment, minimizing impacts like greenhouse effect and global warming.

Development of Environmental-friendly Technologies

Create and develop innovative technical solutions which will lead in less impact on the environment is in our DNA since our very beginning. Based on this philosophy, SF International constantly invests in the development of innovative technologies for the continuous control of the equipment installed on steam systems.

Growth of our Company

Over the last 20 years Brazil has consolidated its huge industrial park. We have a diversified productive basis, from simple products up to sophisticated ones like motors, computers, industrial and high technology equipment, etc.

Focus on innovation and technology

SF International develops its products taking into consideration the technological innovations that provide convenience, efficiency, productivity and economy, while reducing energy and operational costs.

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