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Meat Processing Industries and Rendering Plants

SF International solutions cover the main steam processes involved in the meat industry.

These plants are big users of steam. Steam is mainly used to generate hot water, which is used in huge quantity at different temperatures for cleansing, sterilization and sanitization purposes.

In Rendering facilities steam is used in digesters. Digester is an equipment used to cook the subproducts. The lack of steam in digesters increases the processing time, leading to a higher energy consumption, overtime and loss of quality for the final product.


To achieve high quality products and lower production costs, it is necessary to have efficient processes, which ultimately involves the effective use of steam. Our technical team may present recommendations so to gain efficiency in the following areas:

  • Hot water generation for sterilization and cleansing;
  • Elimination of condensate;
  • Heat recovery;
  • Control of pressure and flow;
  • Air treatment.

Focus on innovation and technology

SF International develops its products taking into consideration the technological innovations that provide convenience, efficiency, productivity and economy, while reducing energy and operational costs.

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