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Basket Strainers

The basket strainers are designed to filter solids present in fluid lines using a metallic basket, offering a significant capacity to retain and accumulate particles.

With a simple and robust design, it has a quick opening system, allowing immediate cleaning and exchange of the filtering element, without using special tools.

Screens and filtering elements

The screen is the heart of the strainer and it is where dirt and other undesired particles are retained. We manufacture a complete line of strainers with a wide range of diameters and several different sizes of filtering elements. The filtering capacity is associated with the perforated plated or screen mesh.

Perforated Plates

For ordinary filtering, the element is made from a perforated plate. Perforating range starting from 0.5 mm are commercially available. While choosing the size to provide proper protection to the equipment located downstream the strainer, a common rule is to consider that the diameter of the perforated plate has to be half of the diameter of the largest particle that may pass downstream.

Mesh Screens

Whenever there is a need to filter smaller particles, it is used a mesh screen, which is normally layered over a support cage.

Especificações - Filtros Cesto

FC-110 FC-130 FC-131 FC-132
Material do Corpo Ferro Nodular
Aço Carbono
Aço Inox 304
Aço Inox 316
Pressão máxima de operação para Vapor (bar) 12 34 34 34
Temperatura máxima de operação (C) 120 200 200 200
Diâmetros 1"
Conexões Flangeado

Folhetos Técnico de Produto

Informações completa para a correta seleção e dimensionamento de produtos

Título Tamanho Idioma
FC 110 130 131 132 128 kB
Tabela Filtros Cesto e Y 67 kB

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