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Diffusers and Noise suppressors

Every day we are submitted to several types of noise pollution which may caue audition problems.

The noise pollution is present everywhere, including industrial plants.

The selection of a proper noise suppressor requires the solution of two problems: the sizing of a suppressor based on the steam flow rate and the selection of the less expensive design that will meet the noise criteria. Our application engineers are available to help you with the selection of the proper type of suppressors.

Suppressors for steam traps

They are compact and designed to be installed at the outlet of the steam trap that discharges to the atmosphere.

They reduce up to 80% the excessive noise due to the high speed discharge of condensate and can be installed in any steam trap that has intermitent discharge like thermodynamic, inverted bucket and balanced pressure.

Suppressors for safety valves

When the safety valve opens, there is the release of steam usually at high pressure to the atmosphere, which generates noise. Using a noise suppressor will reduce the noise level.

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