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Condensate Pump

ASFPOP' Condensate Pump is used to transfer liquids from tanks at low pressure or vacuum and return lines. As well it can transfer liquids from lower level tanks to higher level ones.

SFPOP10 can be operated with steam and compressed air, working only when there is liquid to be pumped.

SFPOP is recommended to drain evaporators, vacuum systems, condensers, turbines and any other installation that transfers fluids.

Specification - Condensate Pump

Material do Corpo Aço Carbono
Pressão máxima de operação para Vapor (bar) 0,5 a 8,6 0,5 a 8,6 0,5 a 8,6
Temperatura máxima de operação (C) 200 200 200
Diâmetros 1" X 1"
2" X 2"
3" X 2"
Conexões Flangeado
Válvula de Retenção VRD-132 Padrão
Válvula de Redutora de Pressão PRV-17 Padrão
Visor de nível externo Padrão
Contador de Batidas Padrão
Coletor de Condensado Padrão
Quantidade de bombas Padrão 1 1 2

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