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What is a trap ?

Steam Traps are automatic valves used to discharge condensate and non condensable gases. They close in the presence of live steam.

Every steam trap is designed to eliminate condensate without losing live steam. This condensate is eliminated through different ways and different pressure and temperature conditions, depending on the operating method of each steam trap.

Trap suitable for the application

It is important to select the steam trap which operating features fully meet the system requirements.

Importance of proper installation

Make sure that the steam trap is correctly installed, according to the marks in the body or installation instructions. Always install the steam trap below condensate line. It will prevent condensate from acumulating inside the trap.

Always install the steam trap close to the drainage point to avoid failures caused by the presence of locked steam. Each equipment must have its own drainage line; a single drainage line for multiple equipment results in loss of productivity.


Steam must be dry, free from non condensables and at the pressure required by the process. Wet steam can be generated by overcharge of the boiler, lack of insulation on the equipment or piping, incorrect draining or incorrect chemical treatment. The steam lines must be properly sized to allow adequate flow under start up or steady-state conditions. Dirt and water hammer may compromisse the operation of the steam trap.

SF International will be pleased to help you in sizing steam traps, separators, strainers, valves and other components related to the steam system.

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