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Thermodynamic Steam Traps

It is recommended for the removal of condensate from steam mains and tracing lines. It can also be used for the removal of moisture from compressed air lines.

Advantages: Compact, lightweight, robust, no need of external adjustment. They are not affected by waterhammer, high temperatures or vibration, and are resistent against corrosive condensate. They operate in any position, preferably with the disc in the horizontal position. The disc is the only moving part and works as a check valve. The models are available with or without strainer and with or without blowdown valve.

Disadvantages: They do not operate properly with low working pressures. They tipically need a minimum of 0,25 barg inlet pressure. They can discharge a huge mass of air at the start up, if the inlet pressure raises slowly. If exposed to weather, the flash steam in the top of the chamber will quickly condensate, reducing the cycling rate. The discharge to the atmosphere can be noisy.

Type of trap: Thermodynamic

Discharge method: intermittent accompanied by clouds of flash steam. Tight shutt off between discharges.

Discharge Temperature: near the saturation temperature.

Below are the working conditions for SF International Thermodynamic Steam Traps. Choose the ideal model for your application.

Specification - Thermodynamics Steam Traps

MDT-420 MSDT-420 NDT-420 SDT-420 WDT-420 LDT-300 USDT-420 NDT-316L DT-500 DT-800 DT-250 MDT-M UNI-42M UNI-42SVM
Material do Corpo AI 420
AI 316L
Aço liga
Pressão máxima de operação (bar) 42 42 42 42 42 21 42 16 42 103 250 42 42 42
Temperatura máxima de operação (C) 450 450 450 450 450 425 450 450 450 525 550 450 450 450
Diâmetros 1/4"
Filtros Incorporados
Conexões Roscado
Baixa capacidade Padrão
Bujão e válvula de dreno
Alta pressão
Conector Universal
Capa Opcional

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Full information for the correct selection and sizing products

Title Size Language
MSDT 420 0.5 M
NDT 420 0.3 M
SDT 420 0.4 M
WDT 420 0.3 M
MDT 420 0.3 M
DT 800 0.5 M
DT 250 0.4 M

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