Industries and Applications

SF International - Industries and Applications

We supply a variety of goods and services for process whose go ahead since of oil refining until pulp and paper, from production of food and beverages until preparing of pharmaceutical products.

The engineers of SF International are expert not just on steam, however been trained on specific applications of your industry.

Industries and Applications

Food and Beverage

Steam is a convenient mean for transmiting energy throughout the food and beverage industrial processes. The steam used in these operations are usually divided in two categories: sanitary or industrial.


Just like any other market segment, the pharmaceutical industry looks for process improvements, cost reduction and overall operational excellence. It is therefore important to identify opportunities that will provide these required results.

Meat Processing Industries and Rendering Plants

SF International solutions cover the main steam processes involved in the meat industry. These plants are big users of steam. Steam is mainly used to generate hot water, which is used in huge quantity at different temperatures for cleansing, sterilization and sanitization purposes.


The SF International understand the competitive nature of your business. Because of this we have building a strong relantionship with our OEM’s partners, through of suppling of a special line of goods with high relation benefit x cost, with purpose of decrease the total cost of your equipment.

Pulp and Paper

The pulp and paper industry is a big user of steam through it production process, which directly impact the cost of this final product. That is why these facilities have always given the proper importance for energy consumption. Moreover steam consumption has also been seeing from environmental stan...

Chemical and Petrochemical

These plants are big users of steam. Steam is present in most of the productive stages and therefore it is directly connected with the overall operational efficiency.

Sugar and Bioenergy Mills

This segment is one of the largest consumers of steam, which is used in the production processes and for energy generation. The sugar cane bagasse is used as fuel to generate steam and it´s thermal energy can be converted to electricity.