Thermostatic Steam Traps

They are mostly used to remove air from the end of steam distribution lines or jacketed equipment.

They are mostly used to remove air from the end of steam distribution lines or jacketed equipment.

Advantages: No need of adjustments for different pressures, compact, light and it easily discharges air. Internal parts in stainless steel provide resistance to corrosion. Simple operation. Parts resistant to water hammer.

Disadvantages: the condensate is discharged below the saturation temperature; sudden flow changes interfere in the operation of the trap.

Type of steam trap: Balanced Pressure Thermostatic

Method of discharge: intermitent flashes for medium and high pressure and flow. Modulation expected for lower flows.

Discharge Temperature: below saturation temperature. The discharge temperature depends on the element.

Below are the working conditions for SF International Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Traps. Choose the ideal model for your application.

Image Thermostatic Steam Traps

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Detailed technical information of Thermostatic Steam Traps

  ATT-22 STT-22 STT-22SN STT-22TC
Body Material

Stainless Steel AISI 420


Stainless Steel AISI 316L

Maximum operating pressure  (bar) 22 22 10 10
Maximum operating temperature  (C) 250 250 177 177
Diameters 1/8"        
Connections  Screwed    

Technical Files

Complete information for the correct selection and sizing of products.


ATT 22


STT 22

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