The SF International understand the competitive nature of your business. Because of this we have building a strong relantionship with our OEM’s partners, through of suppling of a special line of goods with high relation benefit x cost, with purpose of decrease the total cost of your equipment.

A lot of textile machine manufacturers, of pharmaceutical equipments like autoclaves and sterilizers, oil processing equipments, pumping sets, heat exchanger, processing dryers equipments of food processing, pasteurizers and lots of other whose been benefited on this partnership between the last fifteen years.

Confidence in the performance of our products

Our products have the higher standards of quality to add value in your end product.

Special Solutions for special applications

The SF International offer a complete range of products to replace imported products, through of offering goods with much more competitive prices and with highest performance levels. If you are looking for an specific product or a special solution to fulfill the specific necessities of your equipment, do contact with the SF International.

Market Presence

We have a range of local agents and a special network in services of technical assistance to help our partners OEM in all the national territory.

Complete Support

We have a big knowledge in steam and process in all industry sectors. We help our partners OEM’s in dimensioning and selection of appropriate products for your equipments, whose help in the reduction of steam consumption, productivity improvement, failures decrease, maintenance stopping, etc.

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