Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

They are extremely robust and resistant to waterhammer.

They are extremely robust and resistant to waterhammer. Thanks to this feature, they are mostly used to remove condensate in equipment located in areas with external and internal risk of contamination, as well as in steam lines with the continuous presence of waterhammer.

Advantages: robust construction to withstand waterhammer conditions. They can be used with overheated steam with a retention valve at the inlet.

Disadvantages: they are not good to vent air and therefore need additional air vents. They can lose the condensate seal and release steam under sudden pressure changes. A check valve at the inlet may avoid this.

Type of steam trap: Inverted Bucket

Method of discharge: intermitent. Hermetic closure between discharges. Tendency to modulate under lower flows.

Discharge temperature: At saturation temperature.

Find below the operating conditions of the inverted bucket steam traps manufactured by SF International and choose the ideal model for your application.

Image Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

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Detailed technical information of Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

  IDB-110 IDB-130 IDB-131 IBS-131 UIBS-131
Body Material Nodular Iron      

Stainless Steel AISI 304

Carbon Steel        
Maximum operating pressure  (bar) 16 30 30 30 30
Maximum operating temperature  (C) 250 250 250 250 250
Diameters 1/2"
Connections  Screwed
Position Horizontal  
Incorporated Strainer Standard          
Sealed Standard      

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