Sight Check Valves

These components are used to detect flow for different industrial fluids.

These components are used to detect flow for different industrial fluids. They are available in an extensive variety of materials and connections, making them a good option for all industrial segments like chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, sugar and ethanol, textiles, etc.

Why me Should Install Sight Glass?

By installing these components in the pipeline it will be possible to check if the fluid is flowing properly. This means that the sight glasses can be used to detect blockages in valves, strainers, traps and other piping equipment that may compromisse the efficiency and safety of the process.

The operation of a trap can be inspected by using a sight glass. Sight glasses can also be used for other inspection purposes, like comparing the color of the product throughout the stages of the production process, allowing adequate intervention whenever necessary.

Its operation

Sight Glasses

This component has a slight reduction that promotes turbulence when the fluid is flowing through it. This turbulence allows the detection of the fluid.

Sight Check Valves

These components combine two distinct features in a single product. A ball positioned inside the discharge tube is displaced by the fluid that is passing through the cylindrical window to the outlet. The movement of the ball is easily detected and in case of counterflux the path is closed.

Benefits of The Sight Glasses and Sight Check Valves

  • No moving parts;
  • It is available an option with double window, facilitating the inspection of the fluid in the line;
  • Wide range of connections;
  • The combination of sight glass and check valve allows the visualization and retention of flow in a single product;
  • Easy and fast inspection.

Image Sight Check Valves

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Detailed technical information of Sight Check Valves

  VSR-110 VDR-110 VSF-110 VSF-130 VSF-131 VSF-132 VSR-131 SG-10
Body Material Nodular Iron        
Carbon Steel              
Stainless Steel          
Maximum operating pressure  (bar) 7 7 17,6 21 21 21 21 3,5
Maximum operating temperature  (C) 40 40 218 316 316 316 300 148
Diameters 3/8"              
Connections  Screwed        
Windows Simple            
Incorporated Check Valve  Standard              

Technical Files

Complete information for the correct selection and sizing of products.


SG 10





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