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SF International is a Brazilian Company which provides a comprehensive range of products for control of steam and other fluids for the industrial marketplace.

Thermal Efficiency and Productivity

Our company

We develop and manufacture a comprehensive range of products for control of steam and other fluids for the industrial marketplace. The excellent performance of SF International products, along with the significant experience of its professionals, results in optimization of our customers systems, improving thermal efficiency and productivity.

High performance and long lasting

Our Products

Since 1995 SF International develops and manufactures important products for the operation of steam systems. Since then, SF International has been growing, leading the development of technologies to better manage steam industrial lines, while offering a wide range of solutions.

Training and Qualification

Quality Assurance

SF International supplies to several types of industries such as Sugar and Bioenergy mills, Petrochemicals, Food and Beverage, Textiles, Pulp and Paper, among others. We are certified as per ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our Solutions

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Assembled Solutions

Draining Package, Pressure Reducing, Temperature and Pressure Control, Heating Systems and Energy Recovery.


Steam Traps are automatic valves used to discharge condensate and non condensable gases. They close in the presence of live steam.

Pipeline Accessories

Pipeline accessories play an important role while analyzing the entire system.

Pump and Energy Recovery

To maximize the energy efficiency of your system, it is necessary to return the condensate to the boiler.

Control and Safety Systems

The energy used through the industrial processes should be monitored.

Control Systems for Boilers

Industrial processes require energy control in the manufacturing process of their products.


Valves with fast discharge to periodically extract scale deposits and other impurities from boilers, vessels and pressurized equipment.